Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI): HR Administration (20/08/2008)

Category: Human Resources

When every day of your life, is about changing lives, about moments that give you the opportunity to make your day count, and about being someone's lifesaver, you almost feel like you're the chosen one. And this is that special feeling, we experience almost every single day of our lives, at EMRI. Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI) is one among the global leaders in Emergency Response Services, dedicated to saving lives. Through a single toll-free number - 108 - EMRI provides an integrated emergency response service for all kinds of emergencies - medical police and fire, in a timely manner EMRI has saved over 37,000 lives, and responds to over 4,500 emergencies everyday in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Uttarakhand. EMRI now invites people who are looking for opportunities to make a difference, in the following positions for Andhra Pradesh.

* MBAs in HR with 3 plus years of experience * Attendance management * Interface between the Finance and Payroll team * Employee database management.

Mail your resume to ap_jobs@emri.in For other job openings, log on to www.emri.in

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Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI), Devar Yamzal, Medchal Road, Secunderabad 500014. Tel: 23462222, Fax: 23462178.
Email: ap_jobs@emri.in

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